Tired of seeing other designers using the same fonts you’re using?

Want your designs to be totally unique?

Incorporate brush lettering that’s created by hand, just for you and your shop, into your designs.

Each word is carefully lettered by my own right hand and a paintbrush so that no two letters are exactly alike.

Stand out from your competitors by creating word art that is completely uncopyable.

You receive:

  • Transparent PNG files in the highest resolution that transfers from my painted paper, through my scanner, and into the digital world.
  • The ability to layer over existing designs and edit colors of those PNG files.
  • At least one year of exclusivity, where I do not resell the same files to any one else. (Longer timeframes can be applied for additional fee)
  • Note: No physical products will be delivered. You are responsible for taking the digital file and incorporating it into your own product.

You pay a one-time fee for me to create the lettering and the one-year usage license.

How does the ordering process work?

Step 1:

You fill out the form below with the words you want custom lettered for you and in what style.

Step 2:

I send you an email with any questions that I have and the terms of use (also available here). I’ll also include the price for the scope of work that you requested.

Step 3:

You read through and give me the thumbs up that you’d like to proceed with the project.

Step 4:

If the total price of the project is $50 USD or less, I send an invoice for full payment. If the total price of the project is more than $50 USD, I send you a PayPal invoice for half of the total price of the project.

Step 5:

You complete the payment. Work begins only after payment is received.

Step 6:

I create the lettering piece(s) and send you a draft via email for approval. This step takes 7 days after receipt of payment.

Step 7:

After your approval, I’ll either revise or polish the lettering piece. This step takes 7 days.

Step 8:

When your digital files are ready, you an invoice for the final payment. Payment must be received in full before your files are delivered.

Step 9:

You complete the payment and download the finished lettering.

Any questions? Email me at olive@randomolive.com

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